National Youth Agency Offers Youth Sector Guidance and Support

Posted on: 12/08/2020 in Community , Resources , Training , COVID-19 Updates
The National Youth Agency has developed a 'Readiness Toolkit' - Available Now

The National Youth Agency (NYA), as the Professional Statutory and Regulatory Body for youth work in England, has developed youth sector specific advice and guidance. In consultation with Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive, the guidance supports local providers, leaders, volunteers and young people to remain safe when engaging in youth sector activities. It is intended to guide the youth sector in opening up services for young people at the right pace and time.

This guidance is complementary to government guidance on social distancing, travel and other measures, and it must be used in conjunction with the readiness framework and existing safeguarding policies and procedures. A 'Readiness Toolkit' is also available online. For more information, please email

NYA Guidance Website