National Youth Agency Webinar Series

Posted on: 09/02/2021 in Community , Resources , Training , COVID-19 Updates
National Youth Agency (NYA) is offering a webinar series called Routes to Success, which is designed to help youth workers and those working with young people to develop their skills, practice and knowledge.

From 5 January 2021, the National Youth Agency (NYA) confirms that the youth sector moved into RED in the readiness framework. This includes online and digital youth services, detached local youth services, 1-2-1 sessions with vulnerable young people (indoors) and support groups with vulnerable young people (indoors and outdoors - max 15 per group and workers/leaders). This guidance must be used in conjunction with the readiness framework and your existing safeguarding policies and procedures, and it is complementary to government guidance on social distancing, travel and other measures which must be adhered to.

Webinar Series