Belifted Free Debt Advise

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Belifted are a grass roots community led organisation with a vision to uplift women through the power of positive music, fitness and community led interaction projects. ​They reach out to women in the North West London area, with a key focus on Brent Camden Barnet ​

Belifted aims to inspire and motivate women of all backgrounds. They will be starting a debt management course that is aimed at helping women age 16-25 get back on their feet. If you have found yourself in debt or suffered financially due to a job loss or relationship break down then please get in touch.

Belifted focus on the following groups of women

  • Women from the age of 16-70 years old
  • Domestic Violence survivors
  • Single mothers
  • Women living in poverty
  • At risk women and women ex-offenders

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Skills Exchange Project

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Skills Exchange Project are a non profit organisation who seek to guide and mentor at risk youngsters, by using the skills they already have. They aim to channel these young people into progressive and law abiding ventures and guide them into fulfilling areas in business, that they may not have known existed or had access to. Their services also include mentorship, personal finance and life skills.

Skills Exchange Project (S.E.P.) have experienced facilitators in Post 16 education with CELTA, PGCE and AET qualifications. They also have vast experience in FE colleges and Adult centre’s in and around London.

They have an ex city worker with an IAG certificate and ACSI accreditations from the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments to guide our beneficiaries through the much demanded Introduction to Trading.

These workshops will be held several times a week. If demand increases then we will increase the frequency of the workshops.

The Skills Exchange Project are committed to giving mentorship and direction, providing workshops and surgeries to young offenders, at risk youth and young people from both the BAME and wider community.

To find out more and learn about their services click the button below.

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Kooth launches new service across all boroughs in North West London to offer digital mental health support to young people

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Kooth, a digital mental health platform, has been commissioned by The North West London Mental Health Collaborative to offer a new mental health service for children and young people aged between 11 and 25.

Kooth North West London service will ensure a single, consistent service offer for all boroughs in North West London. By extending its commissioning of Kooth, The North West London Collaborative is ensuring that all children and young adults in the area have a safe and confidential way to access timely emotional wellbeing and early intervention mental health support.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the mental health of children and young adults in the UK, increasing the demand for digital mental health services. The recently published Kooth Pulse Report 2021 unearthed the effects COVID-19 has posed on society, giving a clearer picture of the issues that will need to be addressed now, and in the years ahead. Key findings from the study, include:

  • Kooth platform usage has increased by 42% amongst children and young people.
  • For our under-18 population who have presented with any issues, Kooth has seen a +39% increase in those presenting with suicidal thoughts and a +27% increase in those presenting with self-harm.
  • In 2020, Kooth handled +51% young people presenting with eating difficulties.
  • +54% increase in suicidal thoughts for 10-13 year olds
  • For Black, Asian and Non-White young people, there was a +83% increase in sleep difficulties, a +71% increase in school/college issues and a +25% increase in feelings of sadness.

Accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), Kooth offers children and young people access to a full spectrum of digital mental health services. This includes peer-to-peer support for users via pre-moderated discussions and 24/7 access to curated self-help content, including a magazine with wellbeing articles, personal experiences and tips from other young adults and the Kooth team.

Young people can also drop-in or book live online ‘chats’ with experienced counsellors. The sessions are available 365 days a year, from midday until 10pm on weekdays and from 6pm until 10pm at the weekend and bank holidays.

Access is free of the typical barriers to support: no waiting lists, no thresholds, no cost and complete anonymity. The digital setting also helps to reduce the stigma traditionally associated with accessing mental health services. Kooth is available on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

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Free dancing lessons for age 16-25

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Wac Arts is inviting those aged 16-25 for free dance training!

Announcing our guest Artistic Directors

Lukas McFarlane

Kloe Dean

Participants will get to try out what its like to be in the company and 15 dancers will be selected to receive 6 weeks of free dance training!

Please click the button for more information and how to book your taster lesson.

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Young People’s Foundations: raising the game for local collaboration

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YPF Trust asked a group of independent consultants from the INTEN partnership, to look at the work of the Foundations both before and during COVID-19, and also to consider what the future might hold for their model of working with children and young people.

Read the full report here

Blog from the INTEN partnership.......

Five years ago, John Lyon’s Charity observed with dismay the decline of youth services in the London boroughs.

Years of austerity had taken their toll, and many local authorities had reduced or even withdrawn their support. Small local charities and community groups, at the forefront of work with children and young people, were in a desperate strait, with far too many going under. John Lyon’s Charity concluded that this just had to be addressed.

But how? The answer, it was believed, was to build afresh a local system of support. One that could encourage a positive spirit of collaboration among front-line organisations, and engage the local authority and businesses, and anyone else who could help. At the same time a method was needed to raise funds locally, and from further afield, and direct money where it could make the biggest difference to children and young people.

And so in 2015 the first Young People’s Foundations were established, in Brent, Barnet and Harrow. Others followed in Camden, Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, Westminster, and Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Outside London, Young Manchester was set up in 2017.

What have they achieved? YPF Trust asked us, a group of independent consultants, to look at the work of the Foundations both before and during COVID-19, and also to consider what the future might hold for their model of working with children and young people.

We were impressed by what we found. Each Young People’s Foundation is small (typically with three to five core staff) but together they have raised a total of £19.3 million for local work with children and young people. Of this over half (£9.8 million) is sourced from outside the specific local authority area.

In a few cases, notably in Westminster, some substantial resources have been raised from the private sector. However, elsewhere such efforts, while still worthwhile, have been less productive. A reflection of the woeful state of corporate social responsibility in this country, perhaps?

The Foundations’ good local knowledge has enabled the distribution of funds deep into the local community, reaching parts which have previously been overlooked, and where very frequently the need is greatest. They have often deployed funding in ways which have drawn on the resourcefulness of young people and their families, and involved young people directly in the funding decisions in creative and thoughtful ways.

Most importantly, the Young People’s Foundations have been able to win trust locally. Sometimes this did not happen straightaway. Initial suspicion of anything new is, after all, not uncommon. But, quite quickly, they built successful relationships at every level. In our view this was hugely helped by their founding principles that they do not compete with local front-line organisations and that they do not deliver direct services themselves.

Overall, the nine Young People’s Foundations have already brought together a total of over 1,200 organisations into collaborative local partnerships, driven by the perception that they can achieve more together than by acting alone. Around 500 of these are small local charities and community groups, working at the front line with children and young people, and including for example supplementary schools, which have been largely neglected by ‘mainstream’ organisations.

During COVID-19, the pool of existing relationships established by each Foundation triggered fast and effective actions, helping local agencies across sectors come together in the interests of children and young people and their families. For example, the Young Barnet Foundation, partnering with Inclusion Barnet and Volunteering Barnet as ‘Barnet Together’, was highly instrumental in setting up a local COVID Response Taskforce. Working closely with Barnet Council, Barnet Together co-ordinated food banks, meals delivery, and shopping collection services, to help isolated people, families and children at risk across the borough.

We were struck by the commitment of all the Foundations to understand and respond to local needs. For example in 2018, Young Harrow Foundation carried out an assessment of the needs of local young people aged 10-21. This was a coordinated effort involving 51 charities, Harrow Council, Harrow Youth Parliament, 24 trained youth peer leaders, 8 schools and colleges, and 30 community volunteers. This exercise alone collected the views of 4,358 young people, a figure any market research company would be proud of!

In all of this, we noted the cultural diversity within the Foundations, and their deliberate efforts to reflect the communities in which they operate. For example, across the nine organisations, 39% of trustees and 47% of staff are from BAME backgrounds.

In many ways all this represents a flying start for this model of local collaboration. Certainly, credit is due to some enlightened funders, notably John Lyon’s Charity and the City Bridge Trust, who have provided core funding, and also the local authorities that have embraced the opportunity.

If the network expands to other places around the country there will of course be some challenges, for example to sustain the integrity of the model, to attract the modest levels of core funding which make this way of working so much easier, and to build on – and not displace - valuable existing activity.

At a time when young people’s health, well-being, and future prospects are under pressure as never before, and when we are also seeing renewed (and long overdue) appreciation of the benefits of social infrastructure, replication and roll-out of the Young People’s Foundation model is well worth considering.

YPF Trust is Recruiting

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The YPF Trust is looking for a CEO! We are looking for an experienced, charismatic, and enterprising CEO who has a strong track record of using strategic leadership and management to achieve high impact within the charity sector.

Have you got what is takes to lead the Trust through its start-up phase, supporting the engagement of a wide range of local and national stakeholders to learn from and build on our existing network of YPFs, using your understanding of the challenges faced by children and young people.

We are seeking a CEO who will not only manage the YPF Trust as an organisation within its own right, but also provide leadership, innovation, and strategic direction for the expanding Young People Foundation (YPF) Network.

To find out more information and to apply for the role:

Chief Executive Officer, 4-5 days per week job with YPF Trust | 203665 (

upReach’s Rise Building Success Programme

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Building Success Programme is a 1 year programme of personalised career support for eligible undergraduates.

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NYA Update - From April 12, 2021

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From 12 April 2021, they can confirm that the youth sector moved into Step 2 on the Roadmap, remaining at AMBER in the readiness framework.

The National Youth Agency (NYA), as the Professional Statutory and Regulatory Body for youth work in England, has developed youth sector specific advice and guidance in consultation with Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive.

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Young Westminster Foundation Publishes 2020/21 Needs Analysis Report

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Our City, Our Future is Young Westminster Foundation’s 2020/21 needs analysis, covering the issues and experiences of young people growing up in Westminster over the past year.

To produce this report, they worked with a trained group of 10 young people as peer researchers, in addition to hearing from youth workers and practitioners through a series of online focus groups, conducted in partnership with Rocket Science, Partnership for Young London and King’s College London’s MSC in Public Policy & Management Programme. The report covers the emerging focuses on employment, mental health & wellbeing, social action and access to information on local services.

Download Full Report

NYA Update: AMBER Readiness Framework

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From 29th March 2021, they have confirmed that the youth sector moved into Step 1B on the Roadmap, moving to AMBER in the readiness framework.

The National Youth Agency (NYA), as the Professional Statutory and Regulatory Body for youth work in England, has developed youth sector specific advice and guidance in consultation with Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive.

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Book your place for FREE Camden Holiday Activity and Food Programme this Easter School Holidays!

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Places are limited, book your place quickly!

Is your child eligible for free school meals and aged between 5-16?

You can book 4 days this Easter, for 4 hours a day in one of the Easter Holiday Hubs in the Camden borough.

Children and young people will have access to number of enriching activities and a free healthy hot meal on the day.

Click here to see the list of holiday hubs with available spaces.

Click here to visit YCF Holiday Hunger page to learn more about the programme.

Click here to see the information in the Camden Rise regarding the HAF 2021 programme.

List of Easter Holiday Hubs

Would you like to support Camden Holiday Activity and Food Programme?

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Camden Holiday activity and food programme (HAF 2021) is designed to offer school-age children and young people eligible for Free School Meals (FSM), free access to activities and food/a meal. The programme will run during 1 week in Easter , 1 week in Winter and 4 weeks in Summer during school holidays. 4 hours , 4 days per week for 6 weeks per year 2021.

In partnership with Camden Council, YCF is expanding its Holiday Hunger programme in 2021.

We are looking for Camden-based organisations to help provide food and/or deliver youth activities during Summer and Christmas holidays.

Please let us know if your organisation has the capacity to run cooking sessions, cook onsite meals or provide food deliveries in Camden.

In addition, Holiday Hubs are looking to partner with other local charities to provide sport sessions, host activity workshops, run holiday camps and more.

To learn more or express an interest in collaborating with programme delivery partners, please email

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BTEC pathways in both Creative Media and Performing Arts for Y12/13's

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Post 16s - Y12/13's that would thrive in a more inclusive environment. We offer BTEC pathways in both Creative Media and Performing Arts with access to GCSE and Functional skills. Along with mentors, enrichment, trips and guest speakers, we bring the possibility of a thriving arts career alive!

Senior Wac offers Sunday classes for 14-26 year olds who are considering a career in the creative and performing arts, or who are looking for high quality training to develop their skills.

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Specialist Performing Arts and/or Creative pathway for Year 10 and Year 11

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Pre 16s - Y10/Y11s that are 'at risk' of exclusion or are finding it hard to cope in mainstream education. We offer a specialist Performing Arts and/or Creative pathway which seeks unlock talent and potential.

Senior Wac offers Sunday classes for 14-26 year olds who are considering a career in the creative and performing arts, or who are looking for high quality training to develop their skills.

To apply please email

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Further employment support from Camden Council

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If you’re 16-24 looking for work or job advice, check out the range of partners in Camden Council that provide bespoke employment and training advice to Camden residents.

Your Future has been setup to help make it easier to navigate the services available, provide one to one advice and signpost you to the right support based on your needs.

There is support for:

  • Employment support and apprenticeships
  • Education and Training
  • Work experience

Click here to read more.

Easing out of Lockdown

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Powerful video from Wac Arts about a young person's thoughts on the first lockdown in 2020. Covid 19, lockdown, job loss, daily death count, lack of human interaction…

"I don't know what will happen at the end, down the line, but lets stay hopeful for better days to come.."

Video credits to Wac Arts and Fitzrovia Youth in Action.