Lloyds Bank Foundation

We’re an independent charitable trust funded by Lloyds Banking Group. We partner with small and local charities helping people overcome complex social issues such as mental health, homelessness and domestic abuse. Their size and understanding of the people and local communities they work with means they’re able to make life-changing impact where others can’t. But these charities are under-funded, under pressure and too often ignored. We fund charities Every year we make grants to hundreds of small and local charities, investing in their work helping people overcome complex social issues across England and Wales. We provide long-term funding for charities with a proven track record of helping people achieve positive change through deep, person centred and holistic support. We understand that sometimes the most life-changing charities may not always look perfect on paper, and we’re not afraid to take risks where we see great potential. Learn more. We develop charities We provide a wide range of developmental support, including training, consultancy and mentoring alongside our funding to strengthen charities. Our grant managers build relationships with charities to help them identify challenges and work with partner organisations to deliver solutions. Our support builds confidence and expertise among charity leaders, helping them thrive far beyond the life of their grant and equipping them to be stronger and more sustainable. Learn more. We influence policy and practice We champion the work of small and local charities and raise awareness of the challenges they face with influencers and policy makers. Drawing from the relationships we build and the evidence we gather we push for changes to policy and practice to help charities thrive and to address the root causes and consequences of complex social issues. Learn more. That’s why we’re more than just a funder – we work in partnership with the charities we fund and others who share our vision. We listen, understand and respond to charities, funding them for longer and providing developmental support to grow stronger and become more sustainable. We influence policy and practice to help charities thrive in the future and to address the causes and consequences of complex social issues.

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