No Min - £1,000
31 Jan 2022
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Bursaries for UK-German School Partnerships

Schools across the UK are invited to apply for Partnership Bursaries to help them maintain existing links with schools in Germany. UK-German Connection awards bursaries of £1,000 for a range of joint activities between existing partner schools that support direct contact between young people from both countries.

School partnership bursaries are designed to support a range of activities between existing partner schools over the course of a year and are aimed at keeping school partnerships alive. They can be used for more than one activity in a year and to support multiple target groups.

Further grants are available for thematic projects, planning visits and first-time visits for schools and youth groups.

Bursaries can cover pupil or teacher travel, accommodation and subsistence, materials for joint projects, virtual activities, and hosting partners etc. They can also partially be used towards safeguarding costs / police checks, supply cover, insurance, and hardware.

The deadline for applications is the 31st January 2022.