£20,000 - £750,000
27 Nov 2020
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Bids should include one or more of the following activities:

  • advice and support
  • digital inclusion
  • specialist support and referrals

Advice and support
Providing direct advice and support for HMRC’s customers who need extra help and cannot afford to pay for it.

This covers the full spectrum of HMRC’s work from for example, notifying us of sources of income or changes of circumstance, supporting customers with tax liabilities, or assisting customers where we are seeking further information or evidence.

Digital inclusion
Assisting customers who are digitally excluded, to build their confidence and capability to use HMRC’s online services for themselves.

Specialist support and referrals
Providing specialist advice and taking referrals by phone or email from HMRC’s Extra Support teams and assisting customers who need independent advice and support with more complex tax issues, for example complicated PAYE issues, or claims for Special Relief, and appeals.

Your organisation would require the infrastructure and capability to handle in the region of 700 referrals per year and would be responsible for bringing individual cases to conclusion.

Deadline: 27 November 2020

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