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Why £100?

  • £100 is more than anyone, no matter their circumstance will receive per week on Universal Credit.
  • £100 is the most common amount sought from a payday lender – we know from our research over half of payday loans go on essential and basic expenditure such as grocery shopping.
  • £100 covers the average weekly grocery spend of a household of two adults.
  • £100 covers the average monthly energy; water and broadband bills of a household, combined.

To apply
, individual are asked to email :

Please mention in the email;

-Geographical location
-A document with proof of address
-A document with proof of bank account ownership
-A short summary of their circumstances

No intrusive application form,no repayment needed.

Those who are not successful will be advised by email within two weeks. And those who are successful will receive payment within two weeks.

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