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External funding opportunity- Community Covid Relief Grants

Grants criteria. A project should:

Support communities - We will support communities who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Be locally embedded - We want to support organisations who represent the communities they seek to serve.

Support the emerging needs of the community - We are keen to support projects that work to address social isolation, financial distress and digital exclusion.

Keep people safe - We are interested in work that improves community engagement with public health initiatives.

Keep people connected - We will support community-based activities that are permitted under restriction exemptions and that are delivered in a Covid-secure way, work to adapt projects to digital delivery and support and train communities to reduce digital exclusion.

Keep people informed - We will encourage projects that adapt and translate resources that will benefit their communities.

In addition, a grant must be for:
New or developed work: we won’t support repeat or ongoing activities.

Specific activities: funding is given for a specific project or activity.

Immediate activities: grants should be claimed within three months of approval, and projects should aim to finish before the end of March 2021. If your area is put into lockdown, however, activities can be suspended until lockdown is lifted. We can also discuss adapting activities.

Grassroots organisations: we particularly seek to fund emerging local groups as
well as charities, religious organisations and other not-for-profit organisations whose focus is on local work. We will look especially favorably on small BAME-led
organisations with a low annual turnover.

Small initiatives: We like to support small projects, so the total cost of the project needs to be £20,000 or less. Our grant will cover up to £4,000, so if your project costs more, you need to find additional funding from other sources. Grants should be claimed within one month of approval, and projects should aim to finish before the end of March 2021. You may want to suspend some activities until lockdown is lifted, however as we don’t know how long that will be, we strongly encourage adapting activities and projects to the current circumstances.

All grants will be awarded by 31st March 2021.

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