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WAVE 2 has two funding programmes that are taking applications:

Crisis response – grants of up to £10,000 to enable you to meet the immediate needs of communities, from food and essentials, to equipment and additional short-term staff costs

Delivering differently ( pausing applications for delivering differently grants at 5pm on Tuesday 19th May.)
– grants of between £10,000 and £50,000 to enable you to change the way you deliver your work to ensure it continues to meet the needs of your communities, from switching to digital channels to redeploying staff to boost your capacity at a time of increased demand. In some circumstances they may consider grants above £50,000 but there must be a strong rationale in your application for this.

Who is eligible to apply?
For all funding streams the following organisations can apply:

  • Registered charity
  • Charitable incorporated organisation (CIO)
  • CIC limited by guarantee (with at least three Directors)
  • Charitable company (limited by guarantee)

For the crisis response grants, as well as the list above, applications will be accepted from:

  • Faith group, where the activity is not promoting religion
  • Community Amateur Sports Club
  • Community Benefit Society
  • Constituted but unincorporated club or association
  • Constituted Tenants and Residents Associations, and Tenant Management Organisations
  • Constituted community group

Where you are not a constituted group (for example a mutual aid group) you can apply via a host organisation who is on the eligibility list above and who will hold the grant on your behalf if you are successful.

The activities which you are applying for funding for need to be legally charitable and benefit Londoners – i.e. they must take place in and/or benefit people living in London or one or more of London’s 33 local authority areas click here for the map

What’s the deadline?
There is a weekly rolling deadline until further notice e.g. applications submitted by Friday 17 April will be assessed in the following week.

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