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External Funding Opportunity- Community Spaces at Risk Fund

Who can Apply?

The ‘Community Spaces at Risk’ support is aligned with the current wave of the London Community Response.

The current wave consists of two funding strands, run alongside each other: crisis response grants and renewal grants. The crisis response grants are open from 14th January until 21st January and will be considered in the order they are received. The renewal grants are open from 14th January until 15th February.

All eligible organisations who apply to the London Community Response and indicate that:

-They operate out of a fixed venue or premises that is public-facing and serves the local community

-Facing building-related issues

will have the opportunity to complete an additional set of questions to be considered for the ‘Community Spaces at Risk’ support programme.

The purpose of the ‘Community Spaces at Risk’ programme is to work with communities to protect at-risk spaces that are vital to community resilience. This includes cultural centres, social clubs, youth, education and other spaces that are:

-Used to deliver public-facing work that is vital to and valued by local communities
-Well established in the local area and/or holding significant community/cultural heritage value (locally rooted)
-Located in areas experiencing disproportionately high COVID-19 impacts
-Located in area with disproportionately high levels of social vulnerability
-Where there is a lack of local provision for this type of community asset, and/or for this target group

To be eligible, your space must be used to deliver most or all your organisation’s public-facing work from one building. Spaces used for office-based activities, or spaces that are only used occasionally to deliver a club, workshop or event, are not eligible.

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