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External Funding Opportunity- Youth Music Network Fund B

Fund B is a two-stage process. The first stage is a short expression of interest form. Around 60-70% of applicants will then be invited to complete a full application form, where they will be asked to provide more detailed information about their proposed programme.

Programme Length

Your programme should last between 18 and 48 months. The minimum amount of time a programme should run depends on the amount of money you are applying for:

  • Grant requests between £30,001 and £100,000: 18 months or more
  • Grant requests between £100,001 and £150,000: 24 months or more
  • Grant Requests between £150,001 and £200,000: 36 months or more

Upcoming Deadlines

Fund B Round 12

  • Expression of Interest deadline: Round 12 Friday 02 October 2020
  • Notification of decision: Friday 06 November 2020
  • Full application deadline: Round 12 Friday 04 December 2020
  • Notification of decision: Friday 12 February 2020

Fund B Round 13

  • Expression of Interest deadline: December 2020 (TBC)
  • Full application deadline: March 2020 (TBC)

Essential Guidance and Documents

Before completing your application, please read all the guidance carefully. You can also download Expression of Interest and applicaition form templates which are helpful to use prior to transferring information to the grants portal.

Fund B Guidance (word)
Fund B Guidance (PDF)

To read the eligibility criteria, further information and to apply for the fund, please click "GO TO GRANT PAGE"