No Min - £4,000
25 Apr 2021
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John Lyon's Charity Announcement: School Holiday Activity Fund (SHAF)

Who can apply?

Applications to the School Holiday Activity Fund (SHAF) can be made by registered charities or mainstream state schools that are based in the Beneficial Area.

The Fund will pay for the running costs of holiday programmes that are delivered during school holidays which provide young people with activities in accordance with Government guidelines.  Please note that the maximum grant allowance is £4,000.

Please note:
You cannot apply if you received a SHAF grant during the summer.

Funding will be provided for activities that are additional to current delivery such as:

  • Sessional staffing costs
  • Transport for children with special needs and/or disabilities only
  • Additional sessions
  • Digital delivery
  • Other direct project costs such as equipment (not IT equipment)
  • Food, within the context of activity taking place.

For further information about the Summer Holiday Activity Fund, please click "GO TO GRANT PAGE".