£1,000 - £40,000
31 Mar 2022


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Arts Council - Supporting Grassroots Live Music

Venues and promoters are crucial to England’s music ecology, developing music and audiences as well as supporting talent development. Grassroots music venues are where many musicians and music professionals develop their skills and their craft, testing out new approaches and developing audiences. These venues also provide opportunities for music professionals to gain vital experience of live performance. They could be described as the main ‘research and development’ sector of the music industry.

We welcome applications from those who work with all types of musical types and genres. We are keen to support projects that bring the full spectrum of contemporary popular music genres to live audiences. This includes genres like:

  • electronic (including house, electronica, drum & bass, dubstep, experimental, etc)
  • hip-hop, grime, etc
  • indie and alternative
  • metal and punk
  • pop
  • rock (including blues, modern, post-rock etc)

We are also keen to support projects that develop diverse approaches to music programming, incorporating for example classical, jazz, folk, and/or world music alongside contemporary pop.

We cannot support individual bands, managers or agents to tour work as part of Project Grants: Supporting Grassroots Live Music, but you can apply to the main Project Grants programme to support activity like this.

You can apply to Project Grants: Supporting Grassroots Live Music for
between £1,000 and £40,000, for projects up to three years long
. If you need
to apply for more than £40,000, you can still apply to the main Project Grants
programme for activity that delivers grassroots live music activity.

If you can, you need to find at least 10% of the total cost of your project using
income from other sources. We call this ‘match’ or ‘partnership funding’. This
can be cash support, or support in kind, and could be your own contribution (for example: ticket sales), and/or support from any partners in your project.

For more information check out the link to the website and the document below.

Deadline to apply is 31st March 2022.