Heads Up Fund


Young Camden Foundation (YCF) is proud to open the Heads Up Mental Health Fund for a for a third consecutive year. Heads Up Fund aims to support local community organisations based in Camden, safeguarding the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people during the pandemic and its aftermath. Based on local and national feedback from children and young people, mental health and wellbeing continues to be affected by the volatility of the global health emergency.

YCF has partnered with John Lyon’s Charity (JLC) to ring fence £40,000 for YCF Members based in Camden with an income under £250,000 that are not eligible to apply for JLC Charity normal funds or have not previously been funded by JLC Charity. This will help ensure support reaches all corners of the local children and young people’s sector responding to young people’s needs. Organisations can apply for up to £5,000.

Other YCF Members based in Camden with an income over £250,000 can apply for up to £8,000. Please note there are only £25,000 for this purpose so we envisage to make about three larger grants only.

YCF seeks to fund projects that will achieve at least one of the following objectives

  • Support children and young people to develop resilience and problem solving. The support can be face to face or delivered remotely (adhering to up to date Covid-19 guidance). This could include peer to peer support, mentoring, positive activities (including online) that keep young people connected and create a safe space to share, learn emotional intelligence and have fun.
  • Support children and young people’s to develop life skills to manage their mental wellbeing to deal with transitions positively (i.e. transitioning from primary to secondary school, transitioning from school to further/higher education and transitioning from/to employment and training).
  • Collaborate and partner with existing projects and organisations to enhance or grow an organisations’ mental health-wellbeing offer for young people and children and/or staff (see list of resources below).

YCF would like to encourage projects that work with girls and children and young people with additional needs to apply.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. This programme is likely to re-open for applications early 2023.