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In partnership with the Mayor’s Fund and the Hampstead Wells and Camden Trust, Young Camden Foundation piloted the Holiday Hunger programme in 2019. It was set up to address holiday hunger experienced by children and young people in Camden, particularly those who were eligible for free school meals. Participating Camden-based youth centres, or Holiday Hubs, were provided funds to serve two meals a day during the holidays, as well as resources for sports activities and nutrition education.

In 2019, Young Camden Foundation awarded £10,500 for two Holiday Hubs in Camden, which served meals to 74 children and young people.

In 2020, the Holiday Hunger programme more than doubled in size from the previous year. In partnership with Camden and Islington Public Health and the Hampstead Wells and Camden Trust, Young Camden Foundation awarded £23,500 to five Holiday Hubs in Camden, which served meals to 178 children and young people.

Young Camden Foundation hopes to continue to grow the programme in 2021 with a goal to help set up 10 Holiday Hubs.

Since the programme's inception in 2019...

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Holiday food insecurity affects young people who lose access to free school meals and other forms of support outside of school term times. In 2019, the Mayor’s Fund for London suggested that there were 700,000 young people at risk of holiday food insecurity in the city.

Holiday hunger can affect the whole family. Research has found that some parents are skipping meals to feed their children, and that an increase in household food bills can cause stress and uncertainty. This can lead to depression, poor diet and social isolation.


Programme Benefits

Additional studies of holiday provision show that programmes combining activity and food provision during the holidays can provide the following benefits:

-Reduce social isolation and increase learning

-Help parents stay in employment reducing the demand for other forms of food aid during the holidays

-Provide a reliable and essential source of nutritious food and give children opportunities to try new foods

-Alleviate boredom and reduce the likelihood that young people engaging in anti-social behaviour

-Provide a platform for inter-generational activities, creating a strong social element to the holiday clubs


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