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About Organisation

Ardhmeria is a non-profitable organization whose fundamental work is based mainly around education and training of the Albanian speaking people living in Greater London. Not only has it worked on saving the cultural and national identity for future generations in UK, but it has also helped by providing them services that empower them, increase their confidence and orient them to services available for them.

Its aim is to raise awareness to relevant authorities on issues that affect Albanian community in London, and its objective is to improve the quality of life of Albanian community in UK.

The work of Albanian societies in the United Kingdom for organising teaching of the Albanian language; notes that the Asset Language Scheme is introduced by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and provides Accreditation for the skills of language learners of all ages and abilities from primary through to further, higher and adult education.

What we offer
-To organize supplementary classes for Albanian pupil in order to improve their attainments.
-To organize mother tongue classes for Albanian children.
-To organize social and cultural events.
-To provide advice and guidance services.
-To provide and promote supplementary education for Albanian children, engaging young people on different sport activities and providing training and confidence building for Albanian speaking woman.
-To promote self-empowerment for refugees and asylum seekers within the Albanian community of London.
-To enable effective flow of useful information using a community newspaper.
-To provide employment and career advice and guidance.
-To produce reports on needs of the Albanian community.

We try to increase employability of Albanian women living in London by providing them basic skills such us literacy, numeracy, basic IT and childcare.

For more information please visit our website.
Contact number: 0208 680 0086 Email :


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