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About Organisation

I am Irish is a Camden based, minority led, organisation, until recently, run solely by volunteers from the local area. The project launched with #IamIrish at the London Irish Centre (Oct 2016) a portrait exhibition created to challenge perceptions of Irishness. What started out as a photographic exhibition that has grown to become an international incubator for thoughts and conversation around belonging, representation and inclusion for Mixed heritage, Black and ethnic minorities The focus of our work is to advocate for full representation and participation of Irish people of colour at all levels in society. Our aim is to promote awareness and celebration of diversity within the global Irish diaspora. We deliver targeted support services to Irish people of mixed heritage and their families through education and training programmes that enhance inclusion and in turn better outcomes for Irish people of Mixed heritage. Working in partnership with voluntary, statutory and public sector agencies, we aim to improve better outcomes for Irish people of mixed ethnicity and their families. Our work is challenging perceptions of what it looks like, and sounds like to be Irish, and to connect with the Mixed heritage Irish community at a grassroots level.

I am Irish


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