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About Organisation

Our method draws on skills from Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Special Educational Techniques and dance. Our method is integrated, child-centered and is delivered in a safe, nurturing relationship. Relationship is key to our approach and we use non-verbal strategies to create relationships which enhance learning, develop creativity and offer a sense of wellbeing for all involved. icandance staff are skilled Dance Movement Psychotherapists, Dance/Performing artists and Special educational needs and disability (SEND) specialists. Our approach is unique and sensitively targeted to meet the needs of the individual as well as the group.

icandance classes are inclusive, child-centered and focus on creating a supportive community for the children as well as the families. icandance provides each child with a specialist support worker who caters to their needs and guarantees that no child is ‘left behind’ and that all are included, working at their pace. This allows them to grow in confidence within a supportive, nurturing environment. Our approach aims to model and encourage social interaction offering opportunities for the children to meet peers within a fun, non-threatening environment. This supports the families in feeling part of an inclusive community.

Our programmes are to;
• improve lives
• change perspectives
• support communities and
• inspire change

To know more about our work please visit our website. Contact us on: 020 8444 1707
Email: info@icandance.org.uk

I Can Dance
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