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About Organisation

Khulisa works with young people in schools, prisons and in the community. We help them to understand and tackle the root-cause of their violent and anti-social behaviours. We do this by placing wellbeing at the heart of rehabilitation; we provide intensive therapeutic support to help young people build self-awareness and emotional resilience.

Our Values are to
GUIDE: by restoring empathy, self-belief and self-worth
NURTURE: by believing all people can grow
RESTORE: by enabling people to have an equal voice and building trust and aspiration
EMPOWER: by enabling confidence, self-belief and ownership

Our Programmes :
- In Schools
- In the Community
- In Prison

For more information, please contact 0207 183 2647 or email: info@khulisa.co.uk

32 Cubitt Street
London, WC1X 0LS

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