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About Organisation

Our Vision

We want to create social equality by radically transforming excluded young people’s access to mental health services. Excluded young people are not the problem - in fact they hold the solutions to the problems they face.

Our Mission
To help services take what we know works in the clinic, out to meet young people where they are at.

Service Level Principles
• Harness Experts by Experience
• Meet Young People where they are at
• Create Flexible and Responsive Services
• Co-produce Services with Excluded Young People & Partners
• Services that Address People in Context
• Build Meaningful Partnerships through Services
• Services that Work at Multiple Levels
• Psychologically-informed Services
• Focus on and Build Resources and Resiliencies
• Evidence-based Practice and Practice-based Evidence

Teaching and training
By sharing the INTEGRATE model, we are spreading our unique approach to delivering young people’s mental health services. We teach and train it to other service providers and professionals from different backgrounds. As a result we can empower both the young person and the other person that they share the key relationship with.

The INTEGRATE approach is about building equal relationships based on trust, which benefit everyone. This can unlock a person’s potential and be transformational for them, as well as their communities.

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