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About Organisation

Our vision and approach
We work with men and women in prison or recently released, with the aim of helping them live crime-free lives.

In prison, we will try to sort out the details that will get in the way of a successful release. We try to get the basics right: valid ID documents, accommodation and conversations with their partner about how the family will cope when he (or she) comes home.

On release we will meet some of the ex-prisoners at the gate. This isn’t suitable for everyone – some are met by families – but for many people, the first day can be quite difficult, with probation appointments and the need to sort out accommodation.

Within a week of release, we will meet the ex-prisoner to provide support. This will focus on two areas: helping them get a job and providing an opportunity for them and their partner to work on their relationship. The support will be a mixture of one-to-one and group work, and we will also identify suitable training opportunities for the ex-prisoner, if this is likely to be a good step towards employment.

For some people we may need to refer them for specialist help (such as mental health or drugs), but we aim to reduce the “handovers” as much as possible, as our Members find it incredibly frustrating to have to keep on telling their story and filling in yet more assessment forms.

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