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About Organisation

The Play Providers Partnership is a group of play providers in the London Borough of Camden that funds free and subsidised play spaces for low income families.

Play Providers Partnership Fund acts as a bridge between Council funded CIN spaces and full cost provision. Eligible parents are asked to contribute to the cost of the play space (£1.50 for an after-school club session, and £3 per day during school holidays). The Play Providers Fund current ‘offer’ is 2 days per week (after school and/or holidays) for a period of six months.

We have so far provided 138 vulnerable children with regular play opportunities through placements mostly lasting six months (extended for children with ongoing needs).

The Play Providers Partnership believes that ‘no child should be denied their right to play’ (Article 31, UN convention on the Rights of the Child). Play has proven to be a valuable source for improving a child’s physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Play sessions enable disadvantaged children to take part in new and exciting activities, get active and make friends in a fun and supportive environment, whilst parents/carers benefit from respite, and access to parental support and guidance.

To find our more about the Play Providers Partnership please contact Tara Curtis, Play Provider Partnership Coordinator on

Play Providers Partnership
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