Somali Youth Development Resource Centre

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About Organisation

Somali Youth Development Resource Centre (SYDRC) is youth community-based organisation that has been working with Somali young people and other young people in Camden and neighbouring boroughs since 2000. SYDRC is a unique in Camden as the only youth lead organisation providing activities and services for young people. SYDRC is also believed to be the only Somali organisation in Britain that is a youth-led and this is reflected in the membership of tis Youth Advisory and Management committee. This uniqueness has enabled SYDRC to develop good working relationships with key agencies and stakeholders working to tackle key social issues effecting young Somali people including gang-related activities, knife and gun crime, educational underachievement, school exclusions and anti-social behaviour.

“Our vision is of a society where Somali young people can realise their full potential”

“To empower and inspire Somali young people to achieve their true potential by equipping them with the tools for tomorrow, to enable them to take responsibility for their lives and develop as individuals and make the successful transition to adulthood”

We value:
-All Somali young people and other young people and their families
-Our community, culture, religion, and language
-Active participation of young people and the contributions they can make to our organisation, our community and society
-A quality service provided in a flexible and adaptable manner that meets the needs of young people and other young people
-Respect for the principles of tolerance, honesty, integrity, trust and decency

To know more about our projects and programs please contact us on 02071646931 or

Somali Youth Development Resource Centre
1 Handyside Street
London, N1C 4BP

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