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About Organisation

StreetDoctors empowers young people affected by violence by equipping them with the skills to save lives and the knowledge to make informed decisions about keeping themselves and others safe. They do this by providing training in emergency first-aid, such as what to do if someone is bleeding or unconscious, through a network of young healthcare volunteers in partnership with local communities.

There are six volunteer teams across London who work in collaboration with a range of services such as criminal justice services, schools, pupil referral units and youth, sports and community groups.

By putting young people at the centre of emergency first-aid provision, StreetDoctors teams in London empower young people to become part of the solution to violence, rather than just being seen as part of ‘the problem’.

“I learnt the dangers of carrying a knife and have learnt how to possibly save someone’s life”
“[The training] was really fun and I learnt the about the consequences of knife crime”
– Young people who attended StreetDoctors training

If you would like to find out more or book lifesaving training for your young people head to our website:

Unit 3.2 Print House 18-22 Ashwin St
London, E8 3DL

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