Tai Chi Classes, Every Wednesday and Thursday From 1.45 pm

How to participate in WEP’s Tai Chi classes online using Zoom

1.Complete this setup before the meeting is due to start

2.Get comfy and have some water to hand. Make sure you are happy with your visible surroundings (you can choose to turn off your camera if you prefer, but it allows me to help you if I can see you). Make sure that there are no trip hazards around round and that you can safely move your arms around you without hitting any obstacles.

3.You do not need to download Zoom but you can if you wish.

4.You can use your phone but a larger device like a laptop, desktop or tablet, is better

How to join the lesson
Open the link below. You do not need to download Zoom to operate it.

Topic: WEP online Tai Chi class

Time: 1.45pm every Wednesday and Thursday

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 980 989 8140

Password: 2henQV

Make sure your device’s sound input and output is on.