The Kids Network Offers Mentor Program Over App - Referrals Open

The Kids Network has partnered with Brightside Mentoring, an online mentoring service, to create an app/service where mentees can communicate with mentors. They believe children who are at threat of isolation, would benefit from having a mentor over an app.

All messages will be moderated by the Kids Network, so this ensures that nothing inappropriate can be sent. This includes any photos or links that they may send each other (so it’s safe for them to use). They will be asking the mentors and mentees to message each other 1-3 times a week, during the weekdays (Mon-Fri), but no more than 3 times a week, alongside the possibilities of phone calls on the weekends. The aim of these messages is not instant/short messages, but rather email/letter type communication.

Some of the benefits of the app include:

-Time spent chatting with their mentor who can provide support, a listening ear and an opportunity for fun
-They can share interesting news/ideas with each other
-They can play games using the app and set each other goals/challenges which they can then reflect on (i.e. cooking challenge, share picture of finished thing).
-The app is completely free and can be found on the app store on Android or iPhone

    The Kids Network is currently looking for referrals. If interested, please contact Freya Brocchini, Volunteer Coordinator, for a referral form at