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31 Jan 2020
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Community Organiser, Harrow

Manage interview and induction for our in-school volunteers.
(These run one-to-one sessions in state primary schools to help 6 to 8 year-olds with maths - this is the mission of the charity)

Assign in-school volunteers to schools and support and manage them.

Liaise with our partner schools.

Find creative ways to attract more volunteers in your area.

Maintain records of your volunteers and their activities.

The time commitment for of the role can be adjusted to suit you by our assigning you a larger or smaller area.

The role is vital to creating and maintaining our network of in-school volunteers. You will be enabling the continuing work of the charity and its expansion to help more children.

You will meet and work with lots of motivated people! You will also develop your interpersonal and organisational skills, and over time you will get an insider's view of the community where you work. You will help influence the way in which Number Sense develops over next first few years.

Skills required
Enthusiasm for the goal of Number Sense to support 6 to 8 year olds in state primary schools who are falling behind in maths.

Interpersonal sills to enable you to work effectively with volunteers and schools

Organisational skills and discipline to get everything done and to fulfil commitments.

Enough time to carry out the role. We can increase or decrease this by adjusting the area you are responsible for.

Ability to make occasional meetings during the school day/working day with schools and with volunteers - although most of the work can be done remotely and at a time to suit you.

Ability to listen and to establish an understanding of how the Number Sense scheme is working on the ground in the various schools.

Confidence to escalate issues as appropriate to Number Sense management.