Somers Town Community Association

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About Organisation

Our Mission
Somers Town Community Association is a Charity dedicated to providing cohesive, inclusive and innovative services.

We strongly support empowering our community to create and spearhead an active and responsive organisation, this organisation aims to produce a meaningful and positive influence at every level of people's lives, and we value community in all its diversity and work vigorously to pursue these values.

Our Strategic goals
-Enabling better awareness of and access to health and well being for everyone in the community.
-Reducing inequalities around access to education, training and employment for everyone in the community.
-Building resilience and advocacy: empowering everyone in the community to access knowledge and be better equipped to help themselves.

Our Values
STCA’s values identify what is most important to the organisation in the way it delivers the vision, mission and strategic aims. STCA aims to be:
-Challenging and committed, working in a way that reflects both professionalism and a caring attitude.
-Empowering and enabling, working in a way that is collaborative and community-led.
-Credible and trustworthy, working in a way that demonstrates transparency, exclusivity and accessibility.

To learn more about our services please contact 020 7388 6088 or

Somers Town Community Association
150 Ossulston Street
London, NW1 1EE

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