Young Camden Foundation turns five

Young camden foundation since 2017

Young Camden Foundation (YCF) believes that all children and young people in Camden should have the support and opportunity to thrive. YCF aims to grow a vibrant, resilient and connected community that is invested in supporting, and creating meaningful opportunities for, all children and young people in Camden and to create a new model of local support at a time of significant funding challenges.

YCF is part of the Young People’s Foundation (YPF), a model set-up in the response of John Lyon’s Charity to address the ongoing pressures on the Children and Young People sector. YPF brings together the public, private and voluntary sectors to effect positive change for young people. Based in local communities, each YPF is an independently registered charity, and their services are led by their members and based on the needs and assets of their area. Together they share a common goal – to help create and champion a more impactful, co-ordinated and sustainable sector to ensure all young people have access to quality support and opportunities.

Young Camden Foundation's achievements since 2017:

11 July 2022

Our new strategy to 2025

The impact of the pandemic has shown that children and young people, and therefore the sector, are in need of greater support than ever. At the same time, YCF’s history shows us that a place-based organisation that understands its community and its members is an essential means of strengthening both the sector and the outlook for Camden's children and young people.

Our strategy to 2025 will work in service of our key stakeholders, all of whom are integral to the success of our work, around the following strategic objectives:

  • Increase long-term investment in the Children and Young People sector in Camden
  • Connect members, partners and supporters in new cross-sector collaboration and partnerships
  • Listen to young people and ensure they are safe, thriving and achieving their full potential
  • Build members' capacity to deliver high-quality and sustainable youth provision
31 March 2022

Nearly £1.4 million awarded since 2017

Through our grants we have awarded £1,374,966.98 and supported 202 projects delivered by members and affiliate members. These projects have benefited directly 10,406 children and young people and 235 youth workers, volunteers and staff.

01 March 2022

We have over 130 members

We work to improve the lives of children & young people in Camden by focusing on cross-sector collaboration and supporting 86 Camden-based and 46 London-based non-for-profit organisations such as Kentish Town City Farm, Sommers Town, Coram's Fields, Maiden Laine and Lauderdale House.

31 December 2021

Nearly £1 mill awarded in small grants in 2021

Young Camden Foundation delivered £922,781.43 of grant funding in 2021 through our HAF programme, Build Up Fund and Heads Up Fund.

01 December 2021

2,300 children and young people supported through our HAF Programme in 2021

Our HAF 2021 Report shows that during HAF Summer 2021 there was space for 2,298 young people, with 37 providers offering activities over 54 sites, including schools, youth centres, community centres, libraries, and community gardens. The holiday hubs delivered a range of fun activities, from boxing to filmmaking, farm work to dancing.

31 December 2020

2,603 children and young people benefited directly through our grants

162% more children and young people were supported through 8 grants in 2020. Grants included the Heads Up Fund, the HAF programme, Digital Youth Work Fund and the Summer Opportunities Fund. YCF delivered £226K of grant funding in 2020.

01 July 2020

83% of young people felt happier after attending YCF HAF programme

The HAF programme awarded £23K to 5 holiday hubs and a total of 249 children and young people directly benefited from this fund supported by the Department for Education and Camden Council.

01 May 2020

Digital Youth Work Resource Centre

We launched a Digital Youth Work Fund to co-produce a digital youth work resource centre that is accessible, inclusive, and sustainable, equip youth practitioners with the online tools required to continue the delivery of key elements of their youth work provision.

31 March 2020

Over £100K awarded between 2019/2020

Young Camden Foundation delivered £126,926 of grant funding in 2019/2020 through five grant programmes

01 June 2020

We partnered with Shaftesbury Plc, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Camden Council and Derwent London for the Heads Up Fund

Organisations delivered community based projects and services that focused on safeguarding the mental health and wellbeing of children, young people.

31 December 2019

60% more children and young people supported through our grants programme

In only one year we supporter a total of 1575 children and young people in Camden.

01 July 2019

Second Holiday, Activities and Food Programme

We partnered with The Hampstead Wells and Camden Trust, and Kitchen Social to support local community organisations with setting up holiday hugs during the summer holidays for children eligible for Free School Meals (FSM). YCF awarded over £10K to two holiday hubs.

01 June 2019

The Summer Opportunities Fund awarded over £39K to 9 local organisations

Organisations ran a variety of projects as described below including outdoor, centre based an arts and crafts activities. 574 Young People aged between 5-25 years benefited from this fund.

01 March 2019

We supported health and well-being, youth safety and youth voice opportunities

We partnered with London Borough of Camden through the Community Impact Fund to create more opportunities for local children and young people to design and deliver projects that will benefit others. As a result, children and young people improved their confidence, resilience, and the projects opened up new opportunities for young people to take community action. YCF awarded over £19K and a total of 231 children and young people benefited directly from this fund.

31 December 2018

993 children and young people benefited directly through our grants

13 organisations were involved in the Summer Opportunities Fund and a total of 993 children and young people benefited directly from this fund.

01 June 2018

£50K awarded in our first year of existence

We established the first Summer Opportunities Fund to support and promote the delivery of fun, creative, and life-changing activities for all local young people during the summer holidays.

29 March 2017

YCF was stablished

Established in 2017, Young Camden Foundation is a registered charity set up to address the growing uncertainty of long-term investment in the children and young people sector in Camden and the need to build more cross-sector partnerships.