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Established in 2017, Young Camden Foundation (YCF) is a registered charity set up to address the growing uncertainty of long-term investment in the children and young people sector in Camden and the need to build more cross-sector partnerships. YCF aims to provide a new model of local support for its members, which includes building capacity and better equipping the community with resources and funding, connecting and working with organisations to develop new and entrepreneurial approaches to supporting young people and championing critical issues facing the local community.

Our Work

Since its inception, Young Camden Foundation has awarded more than £400,000 in small grants to members, which include Camden-based charities that offer services and support to children and young people. And, over 2,000 children and young people in Camden have directly benefited from Young Camden Foundation's small grant giving programmes.

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YCF Membership

Free membership to the Young Camden Foundation is open to voluntary and community groups (including faith and sports groups) that work with children, young people and their families who live in the London Borough of Camden.

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COVID-19 Updates

Compare The Market -The financial impact of COVID-19 on young people: the top facts and statistics


COVID-19 has disrupted almost all aspects of life. People of different ages have been experiencing the impact in different ways. Young people have been among the hardest hit by the effects of the pandemic, dealing with current worries as well as uncertainty about their future. They will be battling with the longer term effects of COVID-19 – including the financial and economical impact – for some time. It could affect their personal finances, their careers and more.