Small and Mighty Fund


Guidance Notes


Please note, the Small and Mighty Fund is only open to applications from full YCF members. We will not be able to accept applications from organisations who have not yet applied for membership. If you are not a member and would like to apply for a grant, you will need to submit a membership request, and only once this process has been completed and your membership has been approved should you complete and submit an application for funding.

To be eligible, organisations' legal registered address must be in Camden, unless this address is a private residence outside of the borough, but you physically deliver within the borough. Organisations must be actively engaging with Camden's children and young people.

YCF does not fund CICs that are limited by shares. We do fund CICs that are limited by guarantee.

Applicants must have a bank account with at least two unrelated signatories.

We would expect applicants to have a constitutional document or equivalent.

Applications are only open to members who have not recently (within the last five to ten years) been in receipt of a Main Grant from the John Lyon’s Charity.

Supplementary Schools are not eligible to apply.

Applications are also only open to members whose most recently reported annual income is £250,000 or less. However, if your annual income is only very slightly above the threshold, and you would like to enquire about your eligibility, or you have any other questions, please contact


Funding from the Small & Mighty Fund will be considered for the following purpose (though this is not an exhaustive list so do get in touch if you have any questions):

  • After-school/sessional youth work or play provision
  • Weekend youth work or play provision
  • Food and meal provision during the delivery of the above
  • The commissioning of delivery of education, workshops or trainings for young people
  • The cost of public transport for travel for off-site excursions for the delivery of education, workshops or trainings for young people
  • Resources that support the delivery of the project

Funding for core costs is also available for members whose annual income is £100,000 or less. YCF is committed to providing sustainable, unrestricted funding, whenever possible, and encourage micro-organisations to apply for core funding.

What we will not fund:

  • Core costs for organisations whose annual income is above £100,000
  • Ticket prices for non-educational off-site excursions
  • Youth work or play provision that your organisation delivers and would continue to deliver on a regular basis. Applications will be considered for funding to continue or grow existing projects. This only relates to applications for specific projects, and not core cost applications.
  • Summer Holiday programmes

We will consider applications for grants of up to £10,000 in exceptional circumstances, however, we envisage that most grants will be closer to £5,000.

However, the larger the grant amount being requested, the higher the standards will need to be in terms of the evidence and the proposal, including:

  • Very high levels of expected participation (with reasonable cost per child per hour and evidence of strong previous engagement)
  • Exceptional and unique need
  • Exceptional and promising innovation
  • Clear and reasonable budget

We will prioritise applications that demonstrate at least some of the following (depending on whether the funding is for project work or core costs):

  • Clear programme, with times, locations, activities, staffing numbers and expected number of participants
  • Clear and reasonable budget
  • Clear and compelling explanation of the need for the project (or the need for the work that the organisation does if applying for core costs)
  • Evidence provided where requested
  • Innovative, creative and promising provision
  • Depth and/or breadth of impact
  • Programmes or provision that are likely to appeal to children and young people and encourage consistent participation and engagement

The application window will open on Monday 19th February 2024 and close on Wednesday 20th March 2024. Applicants can expect to be informed of the outcome of their submissions during the week of 1st April 2024. Reporting obligations will be due by 31st March 2025. Meeting the reporting deadline is crucial, and applicants who foresee challenges in meeting this timeframe are advised not to apply.

We will be hosting a webinar to provide more information on the fund and answer questions from interested applicants at 2PM on Tuesday 27th February. This session will be recorded and accessible to watch afterwards. You can sign-up for the webinar via this link. After 27th February, please contact us to receive the recording.

If you have any questions, please contact Sam at

There are two applications forms depending on whether you're applying for specific project funding, or for core cost funding. Please ensure you complete the correct form, as the questions being asked will differ greatly. If you are unsure which form to complete, please get in touch.