Winter Community Fund

Winter Community Fund 2023

We are delighted that the Winter Community Fund has returned for winter 2023. This fund will be open to YCF members to apply for funding towards youth work/projects over the Christmas and New Year period. We want to enable organisations to provide children and young people with fun and enriching activities, as well as access to a warm space.

This may include but is not limited to:

  • Holiday Workshops: Support workshops or classes in arts and crafts, music, drama, or other creative activities.
  • Sports and Recreation: Fund sports programmes or outdoor activities.
  • Cultural Events: Sponsor cultural events, performances, or exhibitions for young people (excluding explicitly religious events).
  • Recreational Trips: Fund trips to museums, parks, theatres, or other recreational venues.
  • Holiday Celebrations: Support festive celebrations, parties, or events that bring the community together.


Please note, as with all YCF funds, the Winter Community Fund is only open to applications from full YCF members.

We will not be able to accept applications from organisations who have not yet applied for full membership or whose membership is still being processed.

If you are not a full member and would like to apply for a grant, you will need to submit a membership request, and only once this process has been completed and your membership has been approved should you complete and submit an application for funding.

Funding from the Winter Community Fund will be considered for the following purposes (though this is not an exhaustive list so do get in touch if you have any questions):

  • Youth or play worker wages (including on costs) during the delivery of the above
  • Food and meal provision for participating children and young people during the delivery of the above
  • The commissioning and delivery of education, workshops or trainings for young people
  • Resources that support the delivery of the project
  • Admission and tickets costs for relevant excursions and off-site visits
  • Costs for transport (either coach or public transport) to said excursions and off-site visits, where reasonable
  • Costs for staff time carrying out research, planning, data collection and reporting
  • A core cost contribution (up to 12% of the total grant amount)

We will not be able to fund:

  • Core costs beyond what is described above
  • Regular youth work or play provision that your organisation delivers and would continue to deliver as standard.
  • Venue hire costs except where needed for the delivery of work

The maximum grant amount that will be considered is £2,500.

The application window will open on Monday 23rd October and will close at 5PM on Sunday 19th November. Applicants should receive an outcome of their applications during the w/c 27th November. All funded projects/work will be expected to have been completed by Sunday 21st January 2024, and reporting will be due by Friday 26th January.

If you have any questions, please contact Sam at

To apply, please click this link below: