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About Organisation

The MazeOrg C.I.C is a new organisation committed to providing free and subsidised educational and emotional support to children and families from disadvantaged and marginalised groups in London and beyond.

It is the non-profit arm of the Maze Academy, which provides tutors and other educational support to families. We were inspired to set up MazeOrg as a Community Interest Company (CIC) after observing that many of the families responding to our advertising were unable to pay for our services, but would particularly benefit from them.

‚ÄčOur various programs, which can be in-person or online, at home or at school, aim to assist children:
- who have less access to technology (exacerbated during the pandemic)

- who spend less time learning

- who require additional support to ensure they meet age related expectations and close any gaps

- who are academically gifted and require additional, personalised support to reach their full potential

- who have reduced or limited personalised support from parents or carers compared with their peers

- whose mental wellbeing has suffered due to high levels of stress and lack of support

All Maze educators utilise the "Plan, Assess, Review and Do" approach. We provide session and progress reports to monitor and assess progress to ensure targets are met. They are professionally qualified and enhanced DBS -checked.

The Maze Academy
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