The RAP Foundation

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About Organisation

The RAP Foundation, (Raising Awareness & Prevention) is a charity established in July 2019 as an independent body to The RAP Project ltd (Est 2012). Our core purpose is to educate as many young people as possible, in an age-appropriate manner, on the legal definitions of sexual offences, consent, and share an understanding of how online pornography and social media are influencing attitudes, behaviours, and body image. Since TRP began speaking in independent schools in 2012, we have taught students how to identify and act on peer-on-peer sexual assault and peer-on-peer sexual harassment. But the Instagram campaign Everyone’s Invited has illustrated just how far-reaching and systemic these problems in schools are and continue to be in university. The state-school sector also struggles with these issues but lacks the funding to pay for external speakers. The RAP Foundation was created to redress this imbalance, and we now deliver our RAP workshops free of charge to many state schools and academies throughout Camden, other London boroughs, and beyond.

The RAP Foundation


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