COVID-19 Information & Advice

Given the current circumstances related to COVID-19, YCF is working to support the voluntary sector in Camden. YCF will take the following actions over the coming weeks:

  • YCF staff are working from home, but can be reachable via phone or email
  • All YCF events have been cancelled, including information sessions, funding surgeries and network meetings
  • We are exploring alternative methods of providing capacity building support to members
  • We are carrying out a member needs assessment to determine the best way to provide support
  • YCF has joined other funders in co-signing a statement from London Funders. The statement communicates our recognition of the significant impact that COVID-19 will have on the sector and the communities they serve and our commitment to offer as much support as required during this difficult time – please click here for the full statement and a list of all the signatories.

Young Camden Foundation's COVID-19 IMPACT & RESPONSE REPORT


Please click here to access a list of community funding opportunities related to COVID-19 support.


Many YCF members have made the difficult decision to close youth centres or postpone services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, online services can be an effective method of keeping engaged with children and young people in Camden. YCF invites you to check out online services and digital tools offered by YCF members. We will be adding to this list in real time, so please check back for regular updates.

Click here for a list of online youth services in Camden. (Updated: 28 May 2020)

Would you like to add or remove information? Please email YCF at


The Young People's Foundation (YPF) began hosting webinars to discuss topics related to COVID-19 support.

Previous Webinars

Webinar 1: Cyber Service Offer for Children and Young People

Rowena Jaber - Chief Executive of The WISH Centre based in Harrow. Rowena shares the work of the WISH Centre as they transition to cyber working whilst continuing to be an evidence based provision. Rowena covers a range of areas to consider including; Legal, Insurance, Risk assessment, Business continuity, Safeguarding systems, active Governance and Finance and Funding.

Sally Carr - MBE MEd MA- Operational Director of The Proud Trust based in Manchester. Sally shares the work of The Proud Trust who have been delivering some of their services through Cyber support for over 2 years, including how they have developed a structured, staged approach to work effectively through the Covid-19 crisis.

Rashid Iqbal - Chief Executive of The Winch based in Camden. Rashid looks at their model of working that has been in development for the last period of time, especially around business agility in transferring services to cyber support. Some of the key areas covered include; setting out simple priorities to reduce complexity, dealing with probability to manage uncertainty, creating a shared working timeline and reducing mission drift with focus and vision.

Webinar 2: Safeguarding and Cyber Working

Luckasz Konieczka (Director) Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre: Turning the face to face ‘traditional’ work model into full cyber support and focusing on how to keep young people safe.

Gillian Ingram – (Manager) Camden Learning Centre: Looking at 3 area's 1st, An overview of young people’s online life and the possible consequences of the choices they make. 2nd How to help young people stay safe whilst online. 3rd Discussing the challenges, we face supporting young people via online services in the present situation.

Kembra Healy (Quality Assurance Manager) Westminster & Kensington and Chelsea: How Local Authority safeguarding arrangements are changing at the moment and how organisations in the voluntary sector can access information on keeping children safe during this time.

Jacinta Kane (Head of Service) Corporate Parenting Children and Young People Services Harrow Council: Safeguarding children and young people during a pandemic – local authority challenges and responses.

Webinar 3: Support From Funders

James Banks, CEO, London Funders – gives an update on how funders have been collaborating over the past three weeks to jointly look at thematic areas, as well as provide information about the London Community Response Fund portal. And, Erik Mesel, Senior Grants and Public Policy Manager, John Lyon's Charity and Chair of the Young People’s Thematic Area group of 30 plus funders – talks about why and what funding is available.

Lesleyann Russell (Compliance and Risk Manager) Children in Need - looking at the funders response to Safeguarding and how they will assess practice to ensure children and young people are protected.

Leigh Middleton, CEO NYA (National Youth Agency) - gives us an update of the work NYA have been doing, how charities can have a say and what they are doing to support government in this period of time

Webinar 5: Education and HR Information

Part 1: Education

Hear from education professional about how they are currently delivering support, what the new pressures from Government are having on teachers and how the Charity Sector can support them over the coming months. This will include perspectives from primary and secondary school.

Krishna Patel, Assistant Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead at Stanburn Primary School

Wasim Butt TBAP Principal, Beachcroft AP Academy (WCC) and Latimer AP Academy (RBKC)

Q and A's Managed by Chris (Host) to Krishna and Wasim

Part 2: HR Information

Learn more about furlough/HR/legal changes from HR consultant professionals.

Helen Beesly, Beesly Consulting and Q and A's Managed by Chris (Host) to Matt and Hele


As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, this webinar looked at trends around the the mental health needs of young people during the COVID-19 lockdown. A range of professionals working with young people shared examples of what’s working well, how they are engaging with young people, including practical ideas and coping mechanisms which can be used and adapted by anyone.

Annie Wade Smith –Youth Support and Participation Worker at The WISH Centre

Chris Jacob – Head of Service at 42nd Street (Manchester)

Kirsty Magahy Assistant Director (Camden and Wandsworth) at Catch 22/The Hive

Ciaran Rafferty – Funding Director at City Bridge Trust

Summary of the Webinar delivered by Keith CEO of Young Camden Foundation


Young People’s Foundation recently hosted a webinar about street safety and detached youth work. It focused on what has been happening over the COVID-19 lockdown period around gang and youth violence. With everything indicating a spike in the coming weeks we need to consider ways of engaging with young people, ensuring detached work can take place safely and effectively and how funders can support new ideas and changes to provision.

Speakers included:
-The Metropolitan Police
-Young Brent Foundation
-Federation for Detached Youth Work
-GLA/Young Londoners Fund

Recording coming soon!

Online Resources & Advice

We have been informed by a number of our members that they have taken the difficult decision to close their centres or postpone their service as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Online resources can be an effective method of keeping engaged with children and young people. Here is a list of online resources and information about providing a digital offer to young people:

Working From Home Digital Support

See below for a list of resources to get you started on digital working: