Mental health training in Camden and Islington

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Rethink Mental Illness has received funding from Camden and Islington Councils to provide free mental health training to anyone who lives, works, studies or volunteers in the two boroughs until the end of March 2021.

Courses available on
-Training for your organisation
-Training for individuals
-Managing Suicidal Conversations - Samaritans

Training for your organisation

As an organisation based in either the London Borough of Camden or Islington you are eligible to claim one Mental health training course for your organisation at no cost to you.

-Half day - Minimum 12 people
-4 live sessions and self led learning over two weeks - Minimum 8 people

Training for individuals

12 February 2021 9am – 12.30pm
25 March 2021 1.30pm – 5pm

Mental health in the workplace (for managers) - course outline

15 January 2021 9am – 12.30pm
3 March 2021 1.30pm – 5pm

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Upcoming NCVO Training

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Book your spot on one of our courses today and get a kickstart for 2021!

  • Charity finance for non-financial managers- 2 February 2021
  • Tools and techniques for better fundraising- 22 January
  • Writing successful bids- 3 February
  • Funding strategy and diversification in the current climate- 5 February
  • How to create your next strategy-7 January
  • Managing people in the voluntary sector- 12 & 15 January
  • Creating a theory of change of your charity- 20 January
  • Project management in the voluntary sector-21 January

Visit NCVO website to search for more courses and to register.

Visit NCVO

Latest training opportunities from London Youth

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London Youth offers a wide range of events for our members, for young people, and for interested stakeholders in London. Upcoming events,

Moving into Management - Date: 15 December 2020

Youth Involvement and Engagement Training -Date: 19 January 2021

Youth Mental Health First Aid Course – Date: 19 January 2021 - 27 January 2021

Working with Young People on Issues of Race and Racism-Date: 20 January 2021

HR for Non-HR Specialists-Date: 21 January 2021

Fundraising: Bid Writing Workshop-Date: 22 January 2021

Finance for Non-Finance Managers-Date: 26 January 2021

Lead Safeguarding – Part 1-Date: 27 January 2021

Lead Safeguarding – Part 2-Date: 28 January 2021

and more... visit the London Youth website to see the times and booking details.

Visit London Youth Webpage

The Good Youth Employment Symposium 2020: Recap And Videos

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Access free recordings and slideshow presentations for all our #GYESymposium 2020 sessions here.

Click here

6-month support programme from Key4Life

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Key4Life is a crime prevention charity that works with young men in prison, those at risk of going to prison and those caught up in knife crime in London and the South West. Key4Life’s mission is to break the cycle of reoffending amongst young men who have the highest reoffending rates and lowest chances of securing employment.

Referral Information

Our 2021 Unlocking potential programme for young men aged 18-21, who are currently NEET and at risk of offending, kicks off with registration in Jan 2021.

Key4Life’s model is unique as it focuses first on unlocking the negative behaviours that may lead a young man to re-offend, before instilling new emotional resilience tools and techniques, and thereafter building the employability skills and work experience to secure meaningful employment for the long-term. 73% of participants reported improved emotional resilience and 79% improved their employability skills through the programme. 68% of our last cohorts were in employment by the end of the 6month programme and 82% had not reoffended 6months post programme.

The programme:

We are offering a free 6-month support programme for participants following our award winning 7 step model:

1. UNLOCK: 2-day Emotional Resilience and behavioural coaching workshops using football, Equine facilitated Learning, boxing, music, and group and one-to-one Behavioural coaching sessions

2. MENTOR: Participants are paired with a trained volunteer Mentor.

3. WORK PREPARATION: Workshop on interview techniques. Participants do 3-4 mock interviews at the ‘Meet the Employers’ workshop with employers from different industries.

4. WORK TASTER & FAMILY: Participants complete a 3-day Work Taster with a Key4Life partner organisation. Key4Life’s Family Worker meets participants’ next of kin.

5. EMPLOYMENT & RESIDENTIAL: Participants are supported into employment, education or training. Participants attend a 2-day rural residential trip with activities including horse riding, football, go karting and walking.

6. WORKSHOPS: Participants attend employability and Emotional Resilience workshops. Key4Life Caseworkers call and meet participants weekly.

7. GRADUATION & ONGOING SUPPORT: Participants graduate and join the Alumni Network to receive continued support. Participants can become a Key Mentor to support future Key4Life participants. Key Mentors receive training in Leadership and Coaching, allowing them to work with Key4Life to develop and deliver programmes to future Key4Life participants.

Who we are?

Key4Life is a crime prevention charity that works with young men in prison, those at risk of going to prison and those caught up in knife crime in London and the South West. Key4Life’s mission is to break the cycle of reoffending amongst young men who have the highest reoffending rates and lowest chances of securing employment. Founded in response to the 2011 riots our focus is primarily on young males, as 61% of UK young offenders aged 18-24 return to prison within a year of release, males comprise 95% of the prison population and commit 86% of violent crime, thus our programmes support them to increase personal development and employability skills and reduce the risk of reoffending.

Referral form Visit website

Online Community Christmas Event

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Fitzrovia Youth in Action and the youth event management team are super excited to invite you to their online Community Christmas Event!

There will be loads fantastic entertainment, such as quizzes, bingo, performances, and interactive workshops happening, as well as some prizes to be won!!!

The details of the event are as follows:

Date: Saturday 19th December 2020

Time: 3:00pm - 5:30pm

Link to book your place:

Please see FYA website for further updates.

Healthwatch Camden Shares New Findings about Young People Coping with the Pandemic

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Younger generation needs more support to cope with financial and mental health impacts of Covid-19. The Covid-19 pandemic has had far-reaching implications on health and wellbeing. This is no different for young people. Much of the attention has been on the devastating impacts of Covid on older, shielding residents. However, in many ways the younger generation has dealt with especially challenging circumstances, unique to their age and stage in life. They have shown incredible strength and resiliency, however it hasn’t all been easy.

Since March, young people had to adapt to schooling or working from home. They were isolated from friends and family, and stripped of sports, activities, and other enriching experiences typical to growing up. Many spent lockdown in a crowded home.

In order to evidence the profound impacts of Covid-19 on this age group, we surveyed 48 young people (under 24 years old) in Camden who represent the diversity of the borough.

The family-wide impacts of job loss and financial stress

Compared to the results shown in our October 2020 ‘Life in Lockdown’ report, which surveyed on average an older group of residents, this younger age group reported consistently higher levels of Covid-19 related concerns.

For example, 23% of responders from the previous report were worried about finances or job security due to the pandemic. Yet almost two-thirds of young people said they were worried about ‘my personal finances or my family’s personal finances’ and three in five were concerned about ‘my job security or my family member’s job security.’

“My dad lost his job and mum doesn’t work.”

The impact of personal job loss or the job loss of a parent or caregiver is causing financial stress for the whole family and is a major concern right now for young people.

Covid-19 is having widespread impacts on health and wellbeing of young people

When compared to the previous report from October 2020, young people surveyed were significantly more concerned about maintaining their physical health, the health and wellbeing of loved ones and feeling lonely and isolated. Contrary to popular media messaging that young people feel immune to the disease or don’t care about it, our survey showed more than half of young people were fearful of catching the virus. This was similar to the level of concern regarding catching the virus shown in the previous report.

Additionally, half of responders were feeling worried about the impact of the pandemic on their schooling, slightly under half were missing extracurricular activities and arguing more with family, and one-third were feeling bored.

Finally, when compared to the October 2020 report, the young people responding to this survey were twice as likely to report concerns about strains on caring responsibilities.

Covid-19 is having a substantial impact on young people’s mental health

Seven in ten young people said that Covid-19 is impacting their mental health or emotional wellbeing.

Young people reported a variety of impacts on mental health. The most common reported issues were increased stress, anxiety, depression, and fear.

“I am feeling more depressed. The winter months aren’t helping.”

“Triggered mental health issues again.”

Others mentioned a loss of motivation, either in work or school.

“Feeling extremely depressed. Worried about future stability a lot and loss of motivation to work and study.”

There is also evidence that the pandemic and lockdown measures have increased this generations’ social anxiety.

“I find myself more stressed and heightened anxiety when it comes to meeting people again. With uncertainty too.”

“Specifically during the lockdown, it has made me anxious and overthink. I started to feel easily irritated and felt a lack of desire to communicate with others.”

Young people are worried about their future

With their entire lives ahead of them, the younger generation are significantly more worried about the impact the pandemic is having on life events and their future.

One said:

“[I am] mainly concerned about graduation and career.”

While some felt happy about lockdown ending and things returning to ‘normal’, the majority were feeling worried, uncertain, fearful, or stressed about the future.

“The impact of COVID will be detrimental to young people like me.”

“[I feel] worried and stressed about the future and what may be the long-term effects on my generation.”

How young people have coped

One in three surveyed young people in Camden said they were struggling to find things to help them cope during this time.

Among those who do have support they rely on, the most popular methods were: going to the park, being outside more, exercising more, learning something new, practising their faith, staying in touch with family and friends remotely, playing video or computer games, and focusing on school.

Young people need more support

The majority of young people, including those who have been negatively impacted by Covid-19, are not receiving any mental health support.

One young person said they do not talk to others about their mental health because they fear it will be ‘burdensome’:

“I am stuck with my thoughts, worries and regrets during lockdown. Everyone is going through individual stresses and that makes venting communication feel burdensome.”

This signifies the possibility that young people need mental health support yet are not accessing it. When asked what support they need right now, young people said:

“Something to get me out of bed.”

“Mental health support.”

“Therapy” “Guidance”

“Just help to get things back to normal.”

“For my dad to get a job.”

The impacts of Covid on young people will linger beyond the introduction of a vaccine and into the future. Going forward, both clinical and non-clinical mental health support must be well supported within Camden so that young people can access the help they need.

Healthwatch Camden will continue to raise these issues with health & care services and policy makers. We also will be sharing these findings with Young Camden Foundation to inform their future grant funding.

Local mental health resources for young people

Of those accessing mental health support, most were relying on their peers, local community organisations, and Kooth (a free and anonymous online wellbeing and mental health support website for 11-18 year olds).

The majority of young people found the survey through their connection with Kings Cross Brunswick Neighbourhood Association (KCBNA), an organisation who “believes in investing in young people by providing positive activities for them and offering new experiences.”

KCBNA and other local programs have provided invaluable support to young people in Camden throughout the pandemic. Other local resources for mental health support for young people include Fitzrovia Youth in Action, The Hive, Brandon Centre, the Camden Child and Young Person Mental Health Service, Samuel Lithgow Youth Centre, and many others.

If you need any support around the issues raised in this blog please contact the services listed above or contact Healthwatch Camden.

Apply Now: The Catherine Capaldi Awards

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The Catherine Capaldi Awards (for entrants from Camden and London wide) are open to anyone who identifies as a disabled person and who has an idea or solution to break down a barrier faced by disabled people or to improve their access to services, inclusion or community participation. The awards close for applications on Sunday 28 February 2021.

This year, we have all experienced barriers and restrictions that are out of our control – the Catherine Capaldi Awards are a chance for disabled people to imagine ways of getting rid of the barriers that they have to live with every single year. In partnership with the Access and Inclusive Environments Team at Arup, Elfrida Rathbone Camden will be running several workshops to support potential applicants with their applications - the first one of these will be held on Thursday 21 January – more details to follow.

The first winners will be announced on 30th March 2021, and in addition to a cash award, the prizes will include support to develop and promote the best idea and opportunities for personal and professional development.

Catherine Capaldi was a tireless campaigner for access and inclusion in Camden who fought to raise awareness of the issues affecting young disabled people. Catherine passed away late in 2019 and in her memory and working with others who knew and valued her. Elfrida Rathbone Camden has created the Catherine Capaldi Awards to highlight and celebrate the achievements of individual disabled people.

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Apply Now: Burning the Village Podcast: Series 2

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Creative Media Network are looking for 15 Diverse Young Leaders for a youth-led podcasting project. Working with industry professionals, participants will have access to a series of creative workshops to create a three-part podcast called Burning the Village: Series 2. The deadline to apply is 7 December by 9pm.

Are you an aspiring journalist, rapper, spoken word artist, producer or otherwise creative? Are you interested in influencing policy through the power of youth voice and spoken word? Are you interested in developing a high-impact podcast? Are you from a BAME or other underrepresented background?

Using a mix of interviews, conversations and spoken word performances, each episode will capture young people’s real-life stories and experiences of Covid-19, lockdown and challenging times they’re facing. Podcasts will be shared with community leaders and policy makers for youth-led interviews to explore various issues and examine possible solutions to push for positive change.

Young Leader Benefits

  • Develop your leadership and management skills
  • Work with real industry professionals to develop your podcast production and storytelling skills
  • Enhance vital research and development skills
  • Engage directly and influence community leaders and policy decision makers
  • Be instrumental in influencing youth policy to make change
  • Receive financial compensation towards expenses

Eligibility Criteria (Young Leaders)

  • Aged 16 -25 Years
  • Happy to record and present your views and those of likeminded peers
  • Happy to work over Zoom and take part in planning, training and feedback sessions
  • London based, with the ability to travel to central London (restrictions permitting)
  • Able to commit from December 2020 - May 2021 (roughly 3 hours a week)

Please note, Burning the Village is an inclusive programme and keen to hear from young people from Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities, LGBTIQ, neurodiverse, disabled and from different educational and social backgrounds.

Application Form

Castlehaven Community Centre presents WinterFEST 2020!

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Join the WinterFEST 2020 events!

WinterFEST is only a couple of weeks away! We have planned so many amazing online festive activities for the whole community to enjoy. Dance at our Jingle Bell Disco, sing along with our brilliant Community Choir, or create Christmas cards using a potato. Explore our WinterFEST calendar, there is something for everyone.

WinterFEST calendar

Training and Events from London Youth

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Check the latest training opportunities from London Youth

  • London Youth Training – We still have lots of training with spaces before the end of the year including training on Risk Assessments, Moving into Management and Digital Youth Work amongst others.

We will be launching training for January 2021 onwards in the next few weeks so please do sign up and share it with your teams as we have lots of exciting opportunities! To sign up, please click here - Please bookmark this page for future use.

  • GLA – The Future Speaks – an exciting virtual event to celebrate Black Lives Matter

Date: Tuesday 30th November 2020 from 14.30 -17.30

Link: Join Zoom Meeting -

The GLA's Peer Outreach team are holding an online event for young people to have their say on how racism, discrimination and other social injustices have affected them. The main aim of this event is to talk about some of the key issues which young people have identified that we experience in all of our lives affected by racism, discrimination other social justice matters and responses in regard to:

  • Health and social sector
  • Police and judiciary system
  • Education, Work and employment
  • Media & access to creative sector
  • Culture & identity

If you are working with young people who are keen to vocalise their opinions and promote positive reflections on what could be a positive future for all of us, then please let the GLA know you would like to attend and inform them of the number of young people you would also like to attend by contacting -; Please add - and into the CC of your response.

  • Keep Me Safe Project – Sexual Violence Awareness Training

This is a great opportunity to take part in a pilot project that seeks to train youth workers how to deliver workshops on sexual violence.

If you are interested in learning about how to support and educate young people in relation to sexual violence, and would like to access quality training and free resources and activities on the topic, then please email and use the subject heading 'Sexual Violence Awareness Training'.

Programmes opportunities from London Youth

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Opportunities to join free intensive six-month programme of training, social action programmes counselling programmes and more...

Programme Opportunities

  • Rise Up Programme - We are recruiting youth practitioners for our free intensive six-month programme of training, mentoring and coaching to develop youth sector leaders. Read more and apply here.
  • City Leaders Programme - We still have a few spaces left on our flagship social action programme, City Leaders. The aim of the programme is to support and challenge young people to design, lead and learn from their own youth led projects which develop their skills as they transform their clubs and communities. The programme comes with funding of up to £2000. Read more about the programme here. If you would like to talk more about how the programme would work for you this year please contact
  • Employability Programme - Skills Builder have developed a youth organisation version of their framework, resources and assessment. This was developed in partnership with the Future Talent programme, but we are now looking for some extra clubs who are experts in employability to also pilot the tools. In return for support costs and access to a paid tool, we would require you to complete:
  1. 8 weeks
  2. Minimum 10 young people using Skills Builder youth organisation resources and being assessed
  3. 2 Assessments using the HUB (baseline and end)
  4. Attend a training session (18th November or 9th December)
  5. 2 check ins with LY to check progress and receive support
  6. Feedback to LY and Skills Builder at the end of the pilot

If you’re interested please contact Ella Porter, Employability Officer -

  • Snow Camp – London Youth member Snow-Camp Charity are offering young people free access to 1-1 counselling sessions for young people through their new campaign Stop.Breathe.Think. No wait times and specialised support available, the Charity want as many young people as possible to access the mental health support they need during these difficult times.

Young people can request help via this link or if you are a youth/social worker who would like to refer a young person please contact

Visit London Youth website

Talk for Health for Young People

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Since 2014 Talk for Health have successfully run tailored "Talk for Health programmes" at young people’s organisations and Universities including: Islington YMCA, SOAS, City University, Hearts and Minds. These have led to significantly increased wellbeing. If you are interested in Talk for Health at your organisation, contact

Online Talk for Health Taster: Learn to Talk for a Fit Mind

To find out information on free online peer supporting programmes, please click Learn more.

Learn more Visit Talk for Health website

London Village Network (LVN) Youth Mapping App

Posted on 19/11/2020 in Community , Resources

LVN are inviting all services and organisations with a youth offer to get involved by applying for a FREE login code to upload content.

Young people, parents and frontline practitioners, such as social workers and police, have told LVN that they are not aware of all the opportunities available to young people (14-24). With this in mind, LVN have created a signposting app that puts all opportunities in one place.

Once LVN receive your application (T's & C's apply), they will send you a video explaining how to upload content

Scan the QR code to download the app.

Learn More

Support for young people feeling lonely

Posted on 16/11/2020 in Resources , Mental Health

Free mental health and wellbeing tools for Young People to reduce their feelings of loneliness.

Research by British Red Cross and the Coop shows loneliness is more likely to affect young people than anyone else.

If you are feeling lonely from spending more time online, not looking after your physical and mental health or from big changes in your life like the coronavirus pandemic, get tips and information on tackling loneliness from British Red Cross's linked resources, which they developed in partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

To access the resources

IT and Digital Workshops from Voluntary Action Camden (VAC)

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These workshop are delivered in partnership with Voluntary Action Camden, Voluntary Action Islington and the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists .

An Introduction to Social Media and Digital Marketing
Tuesday, November 17 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

An Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint Workshop
Wednesday, November 25 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Safeguarding Introduction: Protecting Children in the Community 1
Tuesday, December 1 @ 10:00 am - 11:45 am

An Introduction to Google Workspace
Tuesday, December 1 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Safeguarding Introduction: Protecting Children in the Community 1
Tuesday, December 1 @ 10:00 am - 11:45 am

And more....

To register